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The preparation increases the anabolic activity more than three times of testosterone and increases androgenic activity by 30%, without converting into estrogens. Winstrol by injection does not harm the liver unlike pills. The duration of drug action is 8 hours at a detection time of 80-110 days.

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Compared with testosterone Winstrol has the following effects:
• Its anabolic activity is 3.2 times higher than that of testosterone, which is the translation in the interest of 320%.
• But it is three times as androgens weaker than the natural male sex hormone. Sure, it's a big plus.
• Winstrol not converted in the body of the athlete to estrogens, as it is not exposed to the aromatization reaction. So, it lacks many of the side effects.
• Toxic to the liver when using injectables is missing, it is available only for tablets, but they have not expressed very strongly.
• Since the last dose steroid acts on the body for eight hours.
• After you have completed a course of Winstrol, it can be detected in the blood within 80 - 110 days.

About Winstrol

After completing the course you will be pleased with the following indicators:
1. This makes the anabolic muscle relief and beautiful. This - a characteristic feature of all Stanazolola and steroids, which are created based on it.
2. powerlifters sure to please increase strength and endurance.
3. Has winstrol depot and fat-burning effect.
4. When you are taking the anabolic, then we should expect a strong increase appetite.
5. It not only increases the amount of fluid in the body, but even helps to eliminate the excess.

How Does Winstrol Work?

A clear advantage of the drug is that it is not converted into estrogen, whereas many other steroids suffer from this drawback. In this case, the rollback phenomenon is completely absent.
However, winstrol also has some side effects, which should be remembered during his reception:
1. The most unpleasant property of the steroid is that it increases the blood pressure. To cope with this negative effect, it is necessary to take special antihypertensives.
2. Another undesirable property Winstrol placed that it raises the level of blood cholesterol. You can handle this by taking omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
3. The oral form of a negative effect on the liver, so it is more preferred is an injectable form of Winstrol.
4. bodybuilders who take this anabolic, can be confusing pain in the joints after exercise.
5. A significant excess in the dose of the steroid from the athlete can develop hypertrophy of the heart muscle.
Normally, the risk of side effects of steroids are minimized while respecting its dosage and duration of the course.

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